Struggling to get motivated? How to reach your language learning goals

Join me!

Learning languages is my favourite thing in the world. As an ESL teacher and researcher, it’s my passion, my hobby and my livelihood.

But recently I’ve been struggling to keep on target. I get busy, tired and distracted and before I know it, a week has passed without me doing anything to get closer to my language goals. From reading your blogs I know many of you struggle with the same thing.

How can we keep ourselves on track? By getting some language running partners!

Research at Stanford University shows that people taking on challenging individual tasks can increase their motivation by creating a spirit of teamwork. By working as a team towards our individual language goals, we’ll get a boost in motivation and give ourselves a much better chance of reaching the finishing line. And probably have a lot of fun along the way!

So if you’re in need of a language learning boost, why not set yourself a goal and share it with us? Tell us about your goals in the comments below or post a link back to your own blog.


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15 responses to “Struggling to get motivated? How to reach your language learning goals

  1. Windy Mama

    Good luck!

  2. Ana Catarina Palma Neves

    I know what you mean. I’ve been trying to improve my German for years and never find time. Now I sheduled to study it one morning per week. Starting slow, see how it goes…

  3. I’ve signed up for an online Spanish grammar and composition class at the university where I work. It starts in about a week, so I’ll think of some concrete goals between now and when it gets started! Thanks for the motivation!

  4. laiaprincep

    I also got stuck with my French 😦

  5. TheEnchantedBook

    I love learning languages, too! Too bad school takes up a lot of time so I don’t have enough for extra study 🙂

  6. A person who is not motivated in language learning is a person who is stuck at a level of proficiency. These motivational tips are really easy to follow, and sharing one’s goal in language learning will help build a support system that would give everyone a boost of energy to continue on with their studies. Very nice post, thanks for sharing.

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  8. Chris Gaillard

    If I could learn just one new word each day, it would be so great!

  9. I’m embarking on a 90-day challenge to learn Lithuanian. Wish me luck!

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  11. I am currently teaching myself Russian, and want to be at a conversational level by early next year – there’s been a few hiccups along the way which you can read about at

  12. When I started learning German my only goal was to be able to talk to my adopted daughter. Now i am able to and that goal was the main reason for it. I love your blog. Keep the great post coming.

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